Part of Dallas County Courthouse closed because of COVID-19

Published 4:16 pm Thursday, May 28, 2020

Part of the Dallas County Courthouse is closed Thursday because an employee in the tag office tested positive for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two signs posted in the front of the Courthouse stated that the tag office, boat registration office, and driver’s license office are closed for 14 days or until further notice.

“We’re just following guidelines once you a positive test in the office, you have to quarantine everyone in that office for two weeks,” Dallas County Probate Judge and Commission Chairman Jimmy Nunn said. “We also had to close the Driver’s License office because the two offices interact.”

The Dallas County Courthouse was initially closed on April 1. The Dallas County Commission voted to begin resuming operations at the Courthouse on May 18.

“I think everything’s been running fine at the courthouse, except for this one incident,” County Commissioner Roy Moore said.