Yusuf Salaam announces candidacy for Selma Mayor

Published 8:46 am Thursday, May 21, 2020

Yusuf Salaam has thrown his hat into the Selma’s Mayoral race.

Salaam announced his candidacy for Wednesday, joining former two-term Mayor James Perkins, Selma City Councilwoman Miah Jackson, former Selma Police Chief Robert W. Green and city resident Havard Spencer in the race.

Salaam ran for Mayor twice in the past, but fell short each time. Salaam said his local government experience makes him qualified to serve as Queen City mayor.

“It’s simple, Selma needs someone who has a wide array of government experience, we haven’t had that since 2000,” Salaam said. “The first black mayor of Selma, Perkins, didn’t have municipal experience. The current Mayor, Darrio Melton, isn’t a bad person, but he doesn’t have municipal experience.”

Salaam served as Alabama House of Representatives District 67 from 2002-2010. He is also a Selma City Council Pro Tem President.

Salaam received his A.B. degree in History from the University of Georgia, Juris Doctor from the University of Miami, and L.L.M. from the University of Wisconsin. He has worked as an attorney for 35 years.

“I will bring experience and understanding of municipal government,” Salaam said. “In 2007, Selma lost over 70 years of municipal government experience. We never replaced that knowledge and experience of municipal government. I have a PHD in municipal government.”