Commitment to Excellence drives Morgan Academy Valedictorian

Published 8:34 am Friday, May 15, 2020

Being named Class Valedictorian was the perfect way for Judy Assaad to finish at Morgan Academy.

Assaad will graduate as the top senior in Morgan Academy’s class of 2020, finishing with 4.27 GPA and 33 ACT score. She’s also a member of the Lady Senators’ tennis team that won three straight AISA state championships.

“It’s real exciting to be named valedictorian, I’ve been the top student in my class since Elementary School,” Assaad said. “I’m very honored and it’s a wonderful feeling.”

Assaad credits her parents, Dr. Samer Assaad and Dr. Rana A. Assaad, two longtime doctors in Selma, for providing a strong upbringing. Assaad said her parents allowed her to follow her dreams.

“I love seeing my parents help people in the community, it’s great to have two great examples of wonderful doctors,” Assaad said. “They’re so talented.”

Samer Assaad said his daughter developed a commitment to excellence at a young age and it stayed with her.

“Judy has worked so hard the last few years to be valedictorian,” Samer Assaad said. “I’m proud of her. Judy always wanted to excel. She plays tennis, she plays piano. She’s always busy doing extra things. She always wanted to do extra.”

Rana A. Assaad said Morgan Academy played a big role in developing their daughter into a stellar all-around student-athlete.

“I’m really thankful for the strong academic environment that Morgan Academy provided for our children and the love and wisdom that the faculty and teachers pour into all of those kids,” Rana A. Assaad said. “Being at the top of her class has never taken away from the other joys of high school. Judy has managed to balance schoolwork with sports, piano, hobbies and her social life.”

Judy Assaad plans to attend Wake Forest in the fall, majoring in Psychology Pre-Med and with a minor in Political Science.  Assaad said she picked Wake Forest because it’s similar to Morgan Academy.

“I chose to attend Wake Forest because they have a family environment like Morgan Academy,” Judy Assaad said. “The Wake Forest teachers remind me of the ones at Morgan Academy.”