Pine Belt, Trilogy team up for ‘digital transformation’

Published 3:28 pm Thursday, May 7, 2020

Pine Belt Cellular and Trilogy Networks announced plans Wednesday to partner for a “strategic alliance to accelerate the digital transformation deep into the ‘Heart of Dixie,’” according to a press release.

The partnership will connect Trilogy’s Edge Cloud platform to Pine Belt’s expansive network assets, which currently cover nearly 10,000 square miles, with an eye toward stretching out across the company’s 35,000 square miles of 600MHz spectrum holdings.

“Our decision to deploy Trilogy’s high-capacity edge compute and storage platform was almost a no-brainer – they are the only entity involved in this high-tech segment that has shown a genuine interest in engaging with operators such as us to bring the benefits of edge computing to rural markets in the early stages, rather than as an afterthought,” said Pine Belt Cellular President John Nettles. “Once we have Trilogy’s platform installed and in our main network hub in Selma, we will then start the process of pushing functionality to selected sites throughout Central Alabama.”

The partnership with Pine Belt allows Trilogy to extend its expertise in Edge Cloud Computing and low-latency networking to a wide swath of industries across Central Alabama, including food and forest products, aerospace and information technology.

“The U.S. government is injecting over $30 billion into rural infrastructure over the next several years,” said Trilogy Networks President and CEP George Woodward. “Pine Belt is no stranger to technology or government programs – John Nettles, their president, has been one of the foremost leaders advocating for years on behalf of rural carriers nationally while providing advanced solutions to the people of Alabama.”

Trilogy’s technology enables the automation of high-tech enterprise applications by reducing bandwidth and latency requirements through the optimization of interactions between various sensors and devices within Cloud applications.

“These tie to the public clouds will make it possible for us to integrate across the U.S. with the full spectrum of applications providers and carriers and will bring the real benefits of high-bandwidth, low-latency edge and 5G services to the area,” Nettles said. “Together, we achieve the scale necessary to have a voice nationally and a presence globally.”

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