Easter remains one of my favorite holidays

Published 7:04 pm Saturday, April 11, 2020

One of my favorite holidays take place on Sunday.

I always get excited about Easter.  This year is no different, despite the COVID-19 pandemic affecting how we celebrate the holiday.

I remember the days of my youth waking up Easter Sunday and getting excited about seeing a large basket filled with chocolate rabbits and various assorted eggs that ranged from peanut butter to bubble gum with a present.

I also recalled getting a brand-new suit for church where I usually participated in the Easter program after Worship Service. The two-piece suit usually hung on the door of my bedroom closet.

The Easter family tradition fell on me as an adult and I graciously accepted the role.

Easter Eve, as my family commonly called it, was spent taking the daughter to the hair salon in the morning.

That afternoon, we’d be at the Mall searching for a dress and the perfect shoes to match.  I would spend the rest of the evening loading up a few baskets with various candy.

Easter Sunday was spent watching the child perform in the program whether it was singing, acting in a play or giving a speech. After Church, we were treated to a huge dinner.

I learned the most important lesson about Easter from my family and at church. Easter Sunday is the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection written in the New Testament of the bible.

I passed that tradition to my child and I’m sure she will carry it to her children about Christ rising from the dead.

I always appreciated how my family treated Easter as a major holiday in the same line with Christmas, Christ’s birthday.

I suggest the U.S. make the day after Easter a national holiday. It is known as Easter Monday in countries like Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

The special days leading up to Easter also hold equal meaning to me: Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday and Good Friday.

I accepted an invitation for drive-by communion at Gospel Tabernacle Church on Palm Sunday from someone close to me and it re-ignited my passion for Easter.

I’m hoping other church-goers in Dallas County are able to participate in a virtual Easter service at their respective places of worship.

The weather forecast also calls for severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes on Easter.

The coronavirus is a temporary setback, one that we will eventually overcome. We have also survived severe weather in the past.

Let’s enjoy Easter in spite of COVID-19 and the forecast of bad weather. Happy Easter.