Educational Talent Search holds Man-Up Mentoring program at WCCS

Published 2:17 pm Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Educational Talent Search hosted a Man-Up Mentoring program on Friday at Wallace Community College-Selma.

Male students in the program from Keith Middle School, R.B. Hudson, School of Discovery and Tipton-Durant Middle School attended the event.

Montgomery S.T.E.P. Foundation Executive Director Sederick Fluker was the guest speaker. Everything Matters was the theme in Fluker’s powerful speech: education matters, identity matters, relationship matters, freedom matters, life matters and legacy matters.

“Education is a success vehicle, it’s the vehicle that will get you there,” Fluker said. “Identity matters because people have to know who you are. In relationship matters, surround yourself with people that are going somewhere. Freedom matters because everything can be taken away from you in eight seconds. Your life matters because you’re here for a purpose. Your legacy matters because it’s what you leave behind.”

Fluker closed the speech, telling the youth: “Because you matter, everything matters.”

Educational Talent Acting Director Corey Bowie said the goal is getting the young men to think about their future.

“It’s important to reach the boys at a young age,” Bowie said. “Fluker’s important about our youth.”

Selma/Dallas County Chapter of 100 Black Men President Billy Young led the Educational Talent Search Pledge and praised Fluker’s speech.

“Fluker gave something of substance and had an awesome presentation,” Young said. “It’s something that we can all remember. When you make decisions, it also affects your loved ones. Choose your friends wisely and don’t waste anyone’s time.”