Mooney gives lesson in leadership

Published 10:10 am Thursday, February 13, 2020

During Troy University’s 13th Annual Leadership Conference, U.S. Air Force Col. Nathan Mooney, a 1985 graduate of Selma High School, spoke to the audience about the challenges and opportunities associated with leading in today’s “highly-demanding and complex world.”

“The world has become very fast paced and it’s getting faster by the hour,” Mooney said. “The time dedicated for leaders to make key decision is now measured in hours versus days or weeks. This trend is being driven by the many technological advances being implemented each and every day.”

Mooney touched on the need for today’s leaders to “open their mental aperture” to see the “big picture” and fully understand all that is happening in the world and called on attendees to find their “why,” which he said requires each person to understand their personal and professional purpose.

In doing so, Mooney said, leaders will have a clearer vision for where they need to lead their organizations and themselves.

“No leader can truly lead unless they are wholeheartedly aware of their true purpose and are fully operating within it,” Mooney said.

Mooney leaned on his experience as a leader in the U.S. Air Force to convey to those in attendance what it takes to lead.

“Throughout my 30-year career, I’ve so much about what it truly means to be a leader, especially in today’s highly-demanding and constantly-changing strategic atmosphere,” Mooney said.

Currently, Mooney is a faculty member at the National Defense University’s Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy.

“My current assignment at the Eisenhower School is without question one of the highlights of my career,” Mooney said. “Everyday I get to have so much fun helping prepare students, the next generation of strategic leaders and executives, to effectively lead in today’s unprecedented operational environment.”