Incident report for 02-06-2020

Published 3:23 pm Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Dallas County Sheriff’s Dept. arrest report for period ending February 4:

Robin Hale, 55, was charged with two counts of drug possession, $16,000 bond.

Sarah Pauley, 38, was charged withe domestic violence and two counts of drug possession, $3,000 bond.

James Bedwell, 39, was charged with domestic violence and three counts of drug possession, $28,000 bond.

Joann Edwards, was charged with disorderly conduct, $1,000 bond, made bond.

Recolo Cleveland, 50, was charged with public intoxication, $1,000 bond, in jail.

Demario Benjamin, 21, was charged with carrying and possessing weapon, identity theft and receiving stolen property, $47,000 bond, made bond.

Falesha Carmichael, 36, was charged with worthless checks, $500 bond, made bond.

Shemone Shelton, 36, was charge with failure to appear second-degree possession marijuana, $1,500 bond, made bond.

Artavious Oliver, 27, was charged with unemployment compensation, $5,000 bond, made bond.