Jones awaiting end of impeachment trial for final decision

Published 1:13 pm Friday, January 31, 2020

On a media call to members of the Alabama press on Thursday morning, U.S. Sen. Doug Jones, D-AL, stressed he is waiting until the end of the trial before he will decide whether to vote to convict or acquit U.S. President Donald Trump during the impeachment trial which has played out over the last two weeks.

“As I’ve said throughout this process, I really am waiting until the end of the trial to make up my mind,” said the senator. “I truly believe I have a responsibility to the people of Alabama, to the president and to the people of the country to hear all of the evidence before I make a determination either way.”

Jones said that while there have been reports about how his decision to convict or acquit the president will affect his chances in the upcoming senate race, politics will not be a factor in his decision.

“This is a weighty issue and I feel the weight of the constitution, history and the future on my shoulders,” he said. “Politics and any upcoming race are not in my calculation. I want to do what I believe to be the right thing and that is what I am agonizing. It is a weighty, weighty decision.”

Jones said that while the impeachment trial is at the forefront of many American’s minds, regular Senate business is carrying on as usual.

“Earlier this week, we introduced legislation to increase work force development in high demand industries and we’ve joined a bipartisan bill to get rid of barriers that prevent veterans from getting VA healthcare and benefits for illnesses related to exposure from burn pits,” said the senator. “Yesterday, I sent a letter to the Department of Housing and Urban Development urging them to address dangerous levels of radon in public housing.”

“We’re pursuing every angle in addition to having to go and be there during the impeachment trial,” continued Jones. “I want you to know that while this trial is dominating the cable networks, we are still working to help the people of Alabama and on issues I think are important to them on a daily basis.”