King sings to bless the depressed during the holidays

Published 8:05 pm Thursday, December 12, 2019

For the past six years, Louise King has spent the holiday season ringing a bell and collecting donations for the Salvation Army.

King can be found in front of the Selma Walmart, singing as she rings her bell, her voice filling the parking lot.

Occasionally, someone out completing their holiday shopping will stop to listen a little closer and place a dollar in the collection bucket.

King said she became a bell ringer because of her love for God and people and added that it fills her with joy to be a blessing for people around the holidays.

“I love God,” she said. “And I love people. I don’t meet any strangers. That’s the whole reason. People are being blessed and I give God the glory. As long as I’m pleasing [God] and people are being blessed it gives me so much joy.”

King said she’s enjoyed every year ringing her bell.

“It gets better and better and better and better,” she said.

King said that a lot of people can use a little extra joy in their lives, especially during this time of year.

“There’s a lot of people who have lost love or maybe they lack finances,” she said. “It makes my heart sad that you see so many people get depressed this time of year. If I can be an encouragement to anyone, especially this time of year, it means so much to me.”

King said she spends six to seven hours in front of the store each day, sometimes six days a week, and often doesn’t take a break. She feels that she might miss someone who needs a little Christmas cheer in their lives.

“I’m afraid I might miss someone that needs blessed so I just sing all the way through it,” she said.

She attributes her stamina to the presence of God.

“I thank God that he’s given me the ability to do this,” said King. “From the time I get here to the time I leave, God is with me. There’s no way that a person could stand here and do this much singing without God.”