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ALEA produces largest Trooper graduating class in two decades

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) held its Trooper Class of 2019-C Graduation on Thursday at the Alabama Criminal Justice Training Center.

Fifty-five trainees from the Class of 2019 graduated, representing ALEA’s largest class since 1997. Funding from Governor Kay Ivey and the State Legislature produced the 55-member class.

Here’s the graduating class: Marissa Adams, Christopher Bauer, Brad Black, Thomas Cargile, Melissa Catterton, Carlton Chaney, Andrew Clements, Steven Collins, Marvin Dailey Jr., Derrick Davis, Clayton Dew, Dwayne Fears, Jason Goad, Corey Hunter, Leslie James, Jere Jensen, Gregory Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Brandon Kirkland, Brenda Lane, Gilbert Lucero, Wesley Marker, Paul McDonald, Shane McDuffey, Darlanda McTier, Nicholas Meshell, Jaxsen Mosley, Kevin Norris, Steven Oliver, Anthony K. Parker, William Partridge, Phillip Peebles, Brent Pickle, Kenneth Powell, Samuel Powell, Durand Prince, Twaski Reld, Justin Rigby, Perry Rogers, Robert Smith, John Stephens, Larry Thomas, Anderson Thompson, Christopher Tice, Wesley Urban, Kelsey VanSickle, Dwayne Walton, Joshua Wasden, Derek Wilson, Stephen Whatley, Ryan Wise, Spencer Woods, Skyler Wright, James Young.

Wasden, the Class President, urged his classmates to exceed expectations as a state trooper.

“Be a good state trooper, be a good person, be a good husband and be a good wife,” Wasden said. “Never lose sight, forgive often and find a way to win. This job isn’t stumbled upon. It’s an honor to be in law enforcement.”

U.S. Attorney Louis V. Franklin Sr. for the Middle District of Alabama delivered the graduation address.

“You’re here because you care about your neighbors and want them to live in a secure world,” Franklin said. “You didn’t do it for the fame or the money. You’re not only state troopers, you’re also ambassadors to the criminal justice system.”

Franklin also spoke about the law enforcement’s reputation in the public.

“Too many people see law enforcement as the enemy,” Franklin said. “People are more afraid of law enforcement than they are criminals. There’s no us versus them anymore, it’s right or wrong. It’s how you react that matters. You must not forget that you’re here to serve.”

The other officers were: Kelsey VanSickle, Vice President, Marissa Adams, Secretary/Treasurer, Clayton Dew, Sergeant at Arms, Robert Smith, Chaplain.