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County installs cameras at Orrville transfer station

The Dallas County Commission recently completed its work of installing cameras at the transfer station in Orrville, which Dallas County Environmental Services Director Kevin Edwards said will go a long way in deterring illegal dumping.

“I think simply having the cameras up will stop a lot of the illegal dumping,” Edwards said. “Just having them up is going to stop a lot of that.”

According to Edwards, the Dallas County Commission approved the installation project, which was taken on by local security system provide Selcom, several weeks ago, but the work wasn’t completed until recently.

The Orrville station is open to Dallas County residents looking to dump household waste only.

Edwards noted that there are signs posted at the site’s entrance with rules regarding what is and is not allowed to be discarded at the transfer station.

Edwards believes the rules will be “more easily enforced” as a result of the new security system and violators will be charged the maximum fine.

Residents are also permitted to use the Hwy. 41 transfer station for household waste, as well as larger items, such as furniture, appliances, mattresses and more.

There is no fee for dumping household waste, but the scales at the Hwy. 41 site, which are used when residents bring larger items to the site, are operated by an outside company and anyone needing to utilize them will be charged a nominal fee.

Along with deterring any illegal dumping at the Orrville site, Edwards and the commission believe the new cameras will make for a safer environment for Dallas County residents utilizing the site.