Williams lists more of SCS’s achievements

Published 7:02 pm Thursday, November 14, 2019

Selma City Schools (SCS) Superintendent Dr. Avis Williams listed several accomplishments throughout a number of categories within the district during her “State of our School Board” address, which she delivered at Tuesday evening’s SCS Board meeting.
Williams cited several accomplishments within special education, including the addition of a Theragym and handicap accessible playground to Edgewood Elementary School, no disproportionality noncompliance issues and the reception of a $60,000 grant.
SCS achieved several accomplishments within the technology department, including a new phone system, which will save the district $2,000 per month, the establishment of a professional development lab at Clark Elementary School, the installation of new surveillance systems at five schools – with the other four in the planning phase – improved technology infrastructure and STEAM in the Black Belt.
Williams’ report also listed several strides in community engagement, including established positive relationships with key media stakeholders to ensure SCS’s presences across various mediums.
The child nutrition section of William’s address indicated that 162,934 meals have been served since Aug. 2019 and that SCS maintains an average daily participation in its school lunch program of 76.47 percent, around two percent higher than the national average.
SCS also received a Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant totaling $86,088.34.
The district accomplishments within the finance department indicated that SCS has maintained the required one-month reserve throughout the 2018-2019 school year.
SCS also received a clean audit for the school year.