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Walton, Bridge Academy plan ‘A Day with Harriet’

The Walton Theater and Bridge Academy Selma are partnering to sponsor “A Day with Harriet,” an educational event aimed at bringing to life the story of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad, Saturday from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. at the Walton Theater.

According to event organizer CeCe Grayson, the event falls in line with the recent movie, which is currently playing at the Walton Theater, but expends extra effort to reach out to young people.

“There’s such great history embedded in the movie that we think all kids, regardless of race, should have the chance to learn from this movie,” Grayson said.

Wallace Community College – Selma (WCCS) history professor Tara White will be on hand to “bring to life” Tubman’s story and discuss how a “powerful woman” took on the mission of freeing her people from bondage.

To get children involved, Grayson is relying on gourds – when directing escaping slaves of the routes they should take, Tubman often used symbols, such as gourds and the Big Dipper, to show the way.

The children will learn about Tubman’s methods and have the opportunity to paint a gourd of their own.

Further, Sophia P. Kingston Elementary School Principal Chimeria Evans and R.B. Hudson STEAM Academy Principal Cicely Curtis, sisters, will be on hand to read to the children about Tubman and the gourds.

Grayson said the event will touch on a variety of topics, from astronomy to health and women’s empowerment.

“We’re just going to make her journey real to the children and let them know that you can make a difference,” Grayson said. “One person can make a difference, you just have to have a heart for people.”

Schools are already lining up to bring students to see the film.

“Unfortunately, it’s down racial lines and I hate that,” Grayson said. “I believe this is history everyone should know. It goes across racial lines.”