Dallas County Dems finalize list of qualified candidates

Published 4:18 pm Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The deadline to qualify for the March 2020 elections was Friday and despite already boasting a wide slate of candidates, the Dallas County Democratic Party enlisted a handful of new candidates before the close of business Friday.

The majority of the last-minute candidates qualified to run for the position of Dallas County Constable, including Lee Green, Jr. of Sardis, Lee Anthony Moore of Selma, David Brown of Selma, Jeffrey Bonner of Selma, Walter Day of Selma, Faya Rose Toure of Selma, Jack Mooney of Selma, Dean Wilson of Selma and Lola Sewell of Selma.

Additionally, three candidates have qualified to run for the position of Dallas County Tax Collector, including Kourtnie Nelson of Selma, Tanika Wagner-Neely of Selma and Janet Frasier of Selma.

All of these candidates will be voted on by citizens of Dallas County in March 2020, which is when locals will also have the opportunity to vote in the Democratic presidential primaries.

“We are excited that so many citizens have expressed an interest in serving as Democratic elected officials,” said Dallas County Democratic Party Vice Chairman Billy Young. “The number of contested races has increased from previous election cycle.”

Due to the influx of candidates this year, Young said that the Dallas County Democratic Party will host a Democratic candidate’s forum early next year to give all of the candidates an opportunity to make their pitch before the electorate.

“In January or February, we will host a forum [for] all Democratic candidates to share their vision and plans for Dallas County,” Young said. “This forum will also allow voters to ask questions and help them better understand the positions of the various candidates.”

More than 20 other candidates previously qualified to run in next year’s election, including a bevy of candidates looking to serve on the Dallas County Commission.