SCS budget shows 538K drop in expenditures

Published 10:05 am Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The proposed 2019-2020 fiscal year budget for Selma City Schools shows a $538,699.22 drop in expenditures compared to the 2018-2019 fiscal year budget going from $33,537,602.49 to $32,998,903.27.

Instructional services continue to be one of the higher expenditures and shows an increase of $45,393.65 from the previous fiscal year increasing from $16,117,272.97 to $16,162,666.62.

According to the budget, the instructional service item refers to anything that are instructional activities dealing with the direct interaction between teachers and students.

Instructional support services decreased $298,234.48 dropping from $5,573,667.86 to $5,275,433.38.

Instructional support services are defined in the budget as services or activities to facilitate and enhance instruction such as student support services, instructional staff support and school administrative services.

Operations and maintenance services are activities concerned with keeping the buildings open, comfortable and safe for use and keeping the grounds, buildings and major equipment in effective working condition and good state of repair, according to the budget proposal.

These expenditures have decreased $371,647.16 from $3,660,305.16 to $3,288,658.

Auxiliary services are activities or services functioning in a subsidiary capacity and ending assistance to the educational process. Examples of this budget line include student transportation services and child nutrition.

This expenditure decreased $80,661.56 from last fiscal year going from $3,512,411.15 to $3,430,749.59.

General administrative services are defined as activities involved with establishing and administering policy for operating the school system. It is divided into board of education services, general board of education services, executive administrative services, superintendent and area administrators, business support services, fiscal operation services, system-wide support services, information services, data processing, printing, duplicating and publishing, central office services, communication and technology services and other general and central support services.

General administrative services will increase $86,795 from last year from $2,203,508 to $2,290,303.

Debt services also have increased $58,281.07 going from $1,049,911.61 in 2018-2019 fiscal year to $1,108,192.68 in the upcoming fiscal year.

The expenditure line marked as other are defined as other outlays of funds that are not classified as actual expenditures but still require budgetary or accounting control and as transactions which withdraw money from one fund source and place it into another.

This expenditure entry increased $22,374.26 from last year going from $1,420,525.74 to $1,442,900.

Expenditures by object code shows $19,814,867 will be used from the general fund for salaries and benefits and $4,491,555 will be used from special revenue for salaries and benefits with a total of $24,306,422, which is a $830,026.66 decrease from last year; $2,637,146 from the general fund, $754,843.26, $18,000 from capital projects and $42,775 from fiduciary will pay for purchased services at a total of $3,432,764.26, which is a $221,463.47 decrease from last year; materials and supplies will be paid for with $774,452 from general funds, $2,553,172.74 will come from special revenues and $120,515 will come from fiduciary for a total of $3,448,139.74, which is an increase of $470,136.32; capital outlay will be paid for with $45,000 from the general fund and $68,281.59 from capital projects for a total of $113,281.59, which is an increase of $88,637 from last year; Code marked “other objects” will be paid for with $56,550 from general fund, $87,463 from special revenue and $5,345 from fiduciary with a total of $149,358, which is a decrease of $18,047.50 and the object code named “other fund uses” will be paid for with $420,745 from special revenues, $910,673.78 from debt services and $197,518 from capital projects for a total of $1,528,937.68, which is an increase of $45,275.09.

The anticipated beginning balance for the Selma City Schools is $13,179,628.58. With total revenues at $32,469,145.12 and expenditures anticipated to be $32,998,903.27, other financing sources anticipated to be $2,355,420.92 and other fund uses to be $1,900,025.92, the projected fund balance as of Sept. 30, 2020 will be $13,105,265.43.

The final budget hearing will be Tuesday at 4 p.m. at Selma High School. A school board meeting will follow after the budget hearing.