Calling all candidates

Published 11:38 am Monday, August 12, 2019

For a news writer with a gluttonous appetite for any dish served with a helping of politics and a dash of intrigue, the finest season of the year is near its dawning – election season, when the streets become dotted with campaign signs and the air becomes polluted with candidates’ barb and citizens’ arguments.

On Sunday, Aug. 25, exactly one year to the day before Queen City residents rush to the polls for a municipal election, there will be a mayoral candidates’ forum held in the Selma High School auditorium at 2:30 p.m.

While the opportunity for the people to listen to the pitches of people looking to lead the city for the next four years is invaluable, there is currently one enormous problem – to date, not one candidate has announced their intention to run.

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To be sure, there is no shortage of rumors surrounding potential candidates, either those who have held hushed conversations with backers or simply the armchair analysts’ picks for the proper person to take the reins of a city battling a multitude of ills, but rumors are far from facts and it’s time that those with an eye on the top spot make their intentions known.

In a democratic society, it is necessary that the voters have ample time to learn about the candidates seeking their votes, as well as plenty of time to decide which of those candidates best represents their ideals and presents the most solid course of action for this city.

To that end, the job of the press is to assist in the mass distribution of the candidates’ ideas and plans and backgrounds, to ensure that as much of the collectable information as possible needed to make a wise decision in the voting booth is disseminated widely and accurately – with just over 12 months between this day and election day, the political gears must begin grinding and that begins with candidates reaching out to the local press and the local press churning out headlines.

From there, the sky is the limit – with any luck, these candidates will begin hosting town hall meetings and drafting plans and proclamations, will begin making speeches at local club meetings and knocking on doors throughout the city, and take their candidacy to the people, the ones whom they hope to represent and will ultimately decide whether or not they have the opportunity.

With that in mind, I’m calling on all serious candidates – those who are planning to make a play for the mayor’s office, those who already know that they want to take the field in a rural battle royale of polity – to contact me directly with their announcements so that this newspaper may begin doing its civic duty in alerting the citizenry of a new player.

If the rumors are to be believed, there are at least four or five highly-qualified candidates currently mulling a play for the chief executor’s seat, but neither the city or this newspaper can believe it until a formal statement is made.

I can be reached via email at adam.powell@selmatimesjournal or on the phone at 334-875-2110 ext. 724 and will be anxious to receive correspondence from any local visionary looking to lead this city with an eye toward healing wounds, mending fences and building bridges.

Now is the time, candidates, for the people to know who you are and what you stand for – this newspaper stands ready to pass on the word and waits with bated breath for dawning of another election cycle.