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Selma shows tour operators the city

The Selma-Dallas County Chamber of Commerce and the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce partnered to host 50 tour operators attending the Alabama and Georgia Motor Coach Conference in Montgomery this week.

According Selma-Dallas County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Sheryl Smedley, the tour was put together to share with the tour operators all of the history and activities that both places have to offer.

“They’re here they’re touring and they want to see Selma and all of Selma’s history,” said Montgomery Chamber and Visitor Bureau Vice President Ron Simmons.

After the tour operators visit Selma, they’ll be able to return home and plan their own tours and bring visitors to Selma by the bus load.

Charles Campbell with Covenant Elite Charters out of Loxley said that he was looking forward to seeing the city and learning more about its rich history.

“We’re looking forward to seeing what Selma has to offer,” he said.

Smedley lead the group of tour operators around the city, showing them historic landmarks including Sturdivant Hall, Historic Brown Chapel A.M.E. Church, Selma Interpretive Center, the Edmund Pettus Bridge and the National Voting Rights Museum and Institute.

Dee Haywood, Founder and CEO of First Class Travelers in Birmingham was struck by the beauty of Selma as she walked through the courtyard at Sturdivant Hall.

“It’s so beautiful here,” she said as she prepared to take a photo of the fountain in the middle of the historic antebellum home’s grounds.

Smedley said the tour was a success, with all of the tour operators enjoying themselves and learning about the city.

“Tour Operators enjoyed the getting familiar with the tour attractions and history of the city and encouraging them to create an itinerary tour of the city,” she said.