Papa John’s to reopen soon

Published 5:55 pm Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Papa John’s Pizza will soon begin to serve the community once again thanks to entrepreneur Pete Ogg.

Ogg purchased the store from Mark Woodson of Kentucky Fried Chicken roughly two months ago,

A Papa John’s veteran of 23 years, Ogg has established Papa Johns’s markets all across the United States.

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Ogg opened the very first Papa John’s in Houston, Texas right after college and established 56 more stores before leaving the state. After his time in Houston, Ogg took his business experience to Tacoma, Washington where he established 13 stores over 11 years. Ogg then ran the Papa John’s Distribution Center in Orlando, Florida, before deciding to open more stores in Florida and now, Alabama.

“This is going to be a completely different concept than it was before,” said Ogg.

Under its new ownership, Papa John’s will forgo delivery and instead focus on carryout and quickly serviced drive-through.

“We’re going to have pizza by the slice,” said Ogg. “People can swing through, grab a slice and they’re out in two minutes.”

Ogg said he’s excited to be doing business in Selma.

“It’s a great opportunity to reservice the people who missed us [Papa John’s],” said Ogg. “We like the business environment in Alabama… and Selma specifically… it’s hard to argue with all of that traffic on Highland, and it’s a really beautiful store. It’s one of the best stores I’ve ever had.”

Permit permitting, Papa John’s of Selma may open over the weekend.