Mitchell talks shop with students

Published 5:41 pm Friday, June 21, 2019

As part of Wallace Community College Selma’s (WCCS) Talent Search Summer Program, Camp Director Corey Bowie invited WCCS President James Mitchell to speak to the students on Friday and be one of the programs special guest speakers.
Bowie said that speakers like Dr. Mitchell are crucial for the students in the program to hear in order for the to learn about the kids of opportunities that they can have if the apply themselves and make good decisions.
“Whatever you’re going to be be the best,” said Mitchell. “If you’re going to be a doctor, be the best doctor. If you’re going to be an athlete be the best athlete. If you’re going to be a mechanic be the best mechanic.”
Mitchell also stressed to the students the importance of discipline.
“It’s okay to hang out,” he said “But you can’t hang out all the time. You have to have the discipline to sit down and study so that you can improve.”
Mitchell then told the student’s how important it is to continue learning.
“Who here knows everything?,” Mitchell asked the crowd of students. “No one? Good that’s one thing we can all agree on. Not one single person knows everything. Always continue to learn and improve, no matter how old you get.”

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