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WCCS and ASU announce partnership

Wallace Community College- Selma (WCCS) and Alabama State University (ASU) held a press conference on Wednesday morning to announce their newly unveiled partnership.

WCCS President Dr. James Mitchell and ASU President Dr. Quinton Ross, Jr. both signed an important memorandum of understanding benefiting both schools as well as their students.

Mitchell called this morning’s conference an important day in WCCS history.

The WCCS president expressed deep enthusiasm for the partnership, saying that the continued opportunity for WCCS students at ASU would prove to be invaluable.

“This program gives our students even more access and even more opportunity,” said Mitchell. “We know they’re going to a place where they’ll continue to succeed even further at ASU.”

Ross also expressed his excitement for the formalized partnership.

“We are so excited about this opportunity,” said Ross. “Truly this is a great partnership.”

Ross said that the programs that ASU offers were a great continuation of the programs that WCCS offers for students that want to take the next step in their education.

“The programs here at Wallace are first-class,” said Ross. “They perfectly compliment the first-class programs we have at Alabama State University.”

According to Mitchell, the partnership is a natural fit for both schools, many students who graduate form WCCS already go on to attend ASU.