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BBCF awards $6K to Dallas County groups

The Black Belt Community Foundation (BBCF) held its Arts Grants Awards Ceremony Saturday at Wallace Community College – Selma and awarded three Dallas County organizations a combined $6,000.

Throughout the 12 counties that make up the Black Belt region of the state, the BBCF handed out $60,000 to bolster the work of a variety of groups across the area.

“Funding the arts and arts education nurtures and celebrates the vibrant, beating heart of the Black Belt’s unique culture,” said BBCF President Felecia Lucky. “Awarding $60,000 in arts funding this year across organizations from the 12 Black Belt counties the foundation serves is a continuing honor.”

According to Lucky, the Alabama State Council on the Arts is responsible for much of the impact the BBCF is able to make locally.

“We simply cannot do this work from year to year if it were not for the bedrock of support that has been provided by the Alabama State Council on the Arts,” Lucky said. “Special thanks to them as well as to the diligent work of our Arts Grants committee.”

The BBCF received 70 applications from across the Black Belt region and, after a lengthy decision-making process, landed on 19 organizations to grant funding to.

In Dallas County, ArtsRevive received $3,000 to place storytellers in Selma City and Dallas County schools; Beautiful Feet School of Dance received $1,500 to assist in its mission of bridging racial and economic gaps through dance; and McRae Learning Center received $1,500 for artistic summer programming.