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ASU awards scholarships at Selma High

Alabama State University (ASU) traveled to Selma High School Thursday morning to host a college fair and hold an awards ceremony for the scholarship recipients of Dallas County.

The college fair provided students with the opportunity to learn about the programs ASU has to offer as well as interact with current students and staff.

ASU President Dr. Quinton T. Ross said the awards ceremony following the college fair was a much more intimate way to welcome students into the ASU family than by simply sending them a letter in the mail.

“It’s so much more personal to come and recognize them and let them know what kind of family they are going to be a part of,” said Ross.

Ross added that students have much to look forward to as they head to ASU this fall.

“They’re in for the opportunity of a lifetime,” he said. “They have an opportunity to attend an institution that encourages them to dream, but also gives the resources to achieve those dreams.”

ASU student leaders, the Golden Ambassadors, were also there to offer words of encouragement to students.

“My experience at ASU has taught me to grow, get outside my comfort zone and go after the things I really want,” said ASU student ambassador Keely Wallace.

At the end of the award ceremony, scholarship winning students were called forward by ASU Director of Admissions Freddy Williams Jr.

ASU awarded $63,000 to students in Dallas County.

The students recognized at the awards ceremony were Kelci Johnson, Ja’maya Berry and Brittany Nelson of Selma High School. Jamesha Davis, Journei McCall, Briana Richardson, Myesha Gunn and Kamaria Baynes of Southside High School. Rodney Moorer from Central High School was also awarded.