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Bond hearing held for shooting suspects

A bond hearing was held for two suspects allegedly connected to a shooting death of a man on Tuesday at the Dallas County Courthouse.

David Lewis, 28, was charged with murder, first-degree criminal mischief and discharging a firearm into an occupied building or vehicle, according to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department. Christopher Hosea, 18, was charged with possession of marijuana and attempting to elude the police.

Dallas County Circuit Court Judge Bob Armstrong set Lewis’ bond at $3 million. Armstrong did not set Hosea’s bond

Selma Police Department (SPD) Chief Spencer Collier said Monday “both arrests stem from the murder of Alan Bishop.” The Montgomery Police Departments (MPD) Strike Team and Fugitive Apprehension and Special Tactics (FAST) Team also assisted with the arrests.

Photo evidence presented in court indicated Lewis and Hosea are both involved in a street gang called The Nations. They both appeared in Facebook photos with the gang.

Armstrong said he remembered Hosea from the Compass Academy, a program he started a few years ago. The Compass Academy is a grant-funded, after-school diversion program, which counselors offer group therapy and life skills.

“You’re not a bad person, but you’re involved in a gang,” Armstrong told Hosea. “We have an incredible increase in violence in our community. Ninety percent of it comes from gang involvement. Gangs are terrorizing this community and drugs are a big part of that. I have to think about the community.”

Armstrong said he set Lewis’ bond high because he’s “an extreme danger to the community.”