Being a First Responder becomes way of life for Harrison

Published 12:16 pm Friday, December 28, 2018

Jebb Harrison has spent most of his life as a First Responder in Dallas County.

Harrison pulls double duty as a Deputy State Fire Marshal at the Alabama State Fire Marshal’s Office and the Chief at the Sardis Volunteer Fire Department. He’s been with the fire marshal’s office since 2006 and began with the Sardis VFD in 2004.

Harrison said he never thinks about accolades, only performing his duties.

“My job is just being out there and helping people in need,” Harrison said. “I don’t pay attention to the other things.”

Harrison’s regular job as Investigator with the Fire Marshal’s office covers Dallas County, Marengo County and Wilcox County.

“The job can be tedious at times,” Harrison said. “My phone could be ringing off the hook at any given time.”

Harrison said the state’s fire marshal’s office always takes top priority over Sardis VFD.

“Work come first,” Harrison said. “If I’m off or close to getting off, I’ll do what I have to do with the Sardis VFD.”

Harrison began in law enforcement. He was a dispatcher with the Selma Police Department from 1993-1996 and served as a Deputy and Investigator for the Dallas County Sherriff’s Office (DCSO) from 1996-2006. Harrison said it was difficult changing jobs.

“You go from one aspect to the other,” Harrison said.

A 1991 graduate of Morgan Academy, Harrison studied Criminal Science at Wallace Community College-Selma (1991-1993) and Alabama Fire College (2006-2011).

Harrison has been married for 25 years to Barbara Harrison. They have two children, Casey and Stuart Harrison.

“It doesn’t interfere with my family,” Harrison said. “My wife knew what she was getting into. My kids are grown.”