Dudley leading the way as American Cancer Society volunteer

Published 4:53 pm Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Viola Dudley has been leading the “Walking in Harmony” Relay for Life team with the American Cancer Society for about 11 years.

She said her experience as an 18-year breast cancer survivor has helped her to relate and be able to speak to the needs of the cancer patients.

“It helps me relate because I’ve been where they are,” she said. “I’ll meet someone and they are going through it and I just let them know that they can get through this. Anytime I can talk to someone about it or answer questions, I try and be there for them.”

Raising money for the cause and raising awareness of the disease is important to Dudley. She said every little bit helps and it is important to support the efforts of the American Cancer Society.

“Everyday someone is being diagnosed and anything that I can do as far as raising money to help find a cure for cancer helps a lot,” Dudley said. “We’ve been blessed over the years to reach our [monetary] goals.”

The American Cancer Society provides several resources to those diagnosed with cancer. Monies raised are split between paying for treatment, transportation for patients, lodging while undergoing treatment and more.

“The money is definitely being used for what it is being raised for,” Dudley said. “We have a lot of people that benefit from it. It helps in so many ways.”

Dudley said being able to work with, pray for and encourage those going through a battle with cancer, is all the recognition she needs.