BlackBelt Benefit Group searching for an Executive Director

Published 5:04 pm Monday, October 8, 2018

Blackbelt Benefit Group (BBG) is partnering with the support center to assist in hiring the group’s first executive director.

For the past seven years, BBG has promoted solutions that provide a better quality of life in Alabama’s Blackbelt Region. Their goal is to keep talented residents here and attract new residents and new opportunities in the area.

The organization has benefited over 40 local organizations throughout those years and is ready to expand its programming and events.

The group has collaborated with other organizations on events, such as Jazz on the Grass, Grist Grinder, Masquerade for the Cure, and Central Alabama Crawfish Festival to name a few.

BBG’s board president, Josh Wilkerson said hiring an executive director is a great opportunity to help BBG with that expansion.

“We see opportunities to expand our events that support local nonprofits who are doing great work in our community,” Wilkerson said. “Hiring an executive director will give us the opportunity to better serve the Blackbelt Region and continue to improve the quality of life here, as well as identify new opportunities to support other local nonprofits.”

The Support Center will help BBG find the best candidate by overseeing the search and the initial screening of candidates.

Clay Carmichael, Secretary and co-founder of BBG, said it would help group members focus more on the organization as a whole.

Potential candidates can obtain a job description by visiting BBG’s Facebook page at or their webpage

They can also email Carmichael or Wilkerson