Selma City councilwoman receives CMO certificate

Published 1:40 pm Friday, October 5, 2018

Selma City Councilwoman Jannie Thomas received her Certified Municipal Official (CMO) certificate at the Alabama League of Municipalities Graduation Ceremony on Thursday night at the Marriott-Legends Capitol Hill Hotel in Prattville.

Thomas was one of 42 municipal officials who received a basic CMO certification. She was the only one from Selma and Dallas County.

City councilwomen Miah Jackson, Angela Benjamin, Susan Youngblood all attended the event to support Thomas.

The first-term councilwoman reached the required 40 credit hours in the voluntary program open to all elected municipal officials. The CMO program was established in 1998.

Thomas said it’s rewarding to receive her first certification. She said her training sites ranged from Birmingham and Montgomery.

“I feel good about the accomplishment because I’m a newly elected official,” Thomas said. “I need to know all of the laws and get all the training I can. I’d like to know all of the laws and not have anyone tell me what they are.”