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Dallas County Grand Jury makes two indictments in shooting cases

A Dallas County Grand Jury indicted two suspects involved in separate shooting cases last week.

Jalen Furlow, 21, was indicted for the murder of Leon Sanders, according to Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson.

According to Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier, the shooting occurred at the intersection of 1st Avenue and Lauderdale Street on July 14. Furlow was arrested after a Selma officer observed a speeding vehicle on Medical Center Parkway, according to Collier.

Upon arrival to Vaughan Medical Center, the driver of the vehicle, Cameron Muse said that the passenger, Leon Sanders, 24, had suffered a gunshot wound to the neck. Sanders was pronounced dead at the Vaughan Medical Center Emergency Room.

The Selma Police Department investigation showed that Furlow and Sanders were fighting, and Furlow produced a firearm following the altercation and shot Sanders.

The grand jury also indicted Shaquille Tyus for two counts of capital murder, attempted murder and discharging a gun into an occupied vehicle, according to Jackson.

Tyus, 23, shot Trendarius Hill, 21, in the head Sept. 3, Labor Day. The shooting occurred on the 1300 block of Highland Avenue, according to Collier. Tyus had an altercation with Hill Sept. 2 and shot him after seeing him on Labor Day.