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Tubbs working for two decades to keep Selma safe

Harry Tubbs Jr. has been with the Selma Police Department for 20 years.

He started his career in his hometown of Hale County, and quickly made the transition and started working with the Selma Police Department (SPD).

For most of his life, he has wanted to be involved in law enforcement, and after serving so many years on the force he is now instilling his wisdom to younger officers.

“We’re counselors, doctors, EMTs at times,” he said. “Talking is a big part, and dealing in law enforcement, you have to let someone so you can help the situation.”

Tubbs, a patrol officer, and field training officer said times have changed but one the one thing that remains constant is his desire to help others.

“When you can help somebody or at least give them advice that can help them then [it’s good],” he said.

He also has previous experience as a narcotics officer as well.

According to Tubbs, being a first responder means that nothing is always the same. He said one of the most important aspects of the job is being able to adapt to any type of situation.

“There’s nothing difficult about it, you just have to love your job,” he said. “This is a job that you go to and every day is a different day.”