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Local investment – Rayco Industrial contributing to economic growth

On Friday, Rayco Industrial, Inc. celebrated 20 years of service in Dallas County.

From the humble five-person crew beginnings, the industrial contractor company has now expanded to a nearly 300-employee company.

This expansion is nothing but good news for Dallas County and Selma City as it allows more and more locals to be employed.

Employment leads to economic growth, and an improved quality of life, which is something that is preached about by all the county and city leaders.

It was determined that quality of life is a major factor in keeping people within the county and city limits.

Rayco and others are important parts to this solution.

As they grow and prosper, so does the potential employees and the economy.

We are Rayco’s first choice in employment, and those that succeed in educational programs, particularly welding, have a greater chance of being employed by Rayco.

We are thankful for the companies like Rayco that continue to support and employ the local economy when they can.

Happy 20th anniversary, Rayco, and we hope for many more.