Single mothers support group to begin meetings next month

Published 9:17 pm Thursday, July 19, 2018

A Single Mother’s Support Group directed by Gwenevere Swift will be available at 1227 10th Avenue to aid single mothers ages 21-45 from Aug. 4-Oct. 4, from 10 a.m.-11 a.m. 

Swift is a pastor who was raised in a single household. She said the Single Mother’s Support Group is meant to assist and encourage single mothers in their plight.

According to Swift, the support group will focus on four different areas: finances, parental advice, emotional support and spiritual growth.

“When you are single, you have everything on your shoulders; the only check coming in the house is yours,” Swift said. “You need to be emotionally stable in order to provide a good environment for your child or children.”

Swift said that through the group, she wishes to connect single mothers with one another and give them the opportunity to express their feelings and communicate with someone who has had a similar struggle.

“What we are trying to achieve is support for each other and come together and deal with practical issues,” Swift said. “A lot of times, single mothers don’t have anyone that they can go to and express how they feel. When you come together as a group you can communicate with another person with similar experiences, that is a support mechanism.”

Elder women mentors will also be available for support and conversation.

“We will have elder women mentors available for them through the week. What they will do is call the single mothers and listen to what they have to say,” Swift said.

Swift is seeking more women volunteers willing to be a mentor and assist the single mothers.

Registration for the group ends Aug. 4, and female volunteers must be between the  ages 45-60.

The program will provide meals, groceries and childcare.

For more information, call (334)-412-5433, or email Swift at