SouthernCare New Beacon to host Grief Support Group

Published 8:27 pm Saturday, July 14, 2018

SouthernCare New Beacon will host a Grief Support Group event at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

SouthernCare Chaplain Dr. Michial Lewis will lead the hour-long event.

Lewis said the event is to emotionally assist individuals who have lost loved ones.

“We have found that being together in a community of support is very helpful for people dealing with grief and finding ways to cope,”

Lewis said support is very helpful for people dealing with grief and finding ways to cope,” Lewis said. “We want to help them have a healthy relationship with themselves, their family and the community.”

The support group will be open to public.

Lewis said Southern Care New Beacon is a safe place where people can share their feelings.

“It’s a powerful experience,” Lewis said. “We have been doing grief support for over a year.”

Lewis was previously a Chaplain at Brookwood Hospital in Birmingham for two years.

His experiences led him to the importance of how a Grief Support Group works.

“I really came to appreciate how a grief support group can really make a difference in people’s lives,” Lewis said.

“When I became Chaplain at SouthernCare, I wanted to have that resource available to people.”

Other staff members from SouthernCare will also be present during the Grief Support Group.

They also want to provide a caring environment where people can deal with emotions.

“We just wanted to have a place where they can come and be in a community of people dealing with some of the same things that they’re dealing with,” Lewis said.

For more information, call (334)-526-4414.