No Limit Church to hold free movie night

Published 4:37 pm Saturday, July 7, 2018

Citizens won’t have far to travel to enjoy a free movie and night out with family and friends this month. No Limit Church is hosting its “Movie Night” July 20 at 8:45 p.m. at 92 Deepwoods Drive in Valley Grande.

Pastor Matthew Klimis said the church is looking to have a successful night of fun once again.

“Last year, we had several hundred people come out, and this year we are doing free Kona Ice for the first 100 people,” Klimis said.

Klimis said the movie night event is a way to modernize a very essential part of the Bible. He said just the purpose of the movie night is to bring people of all backgrounds together.

“In the Bible there were wells, and wells were where church [goers], non-church [goers] and Jews would all meet together because they wanted water,” he said.  “For us, the movies are kind of a post-modern well where people can come together, church [goers] and non-church [goers].”

Community building is one of the main purposes of the event, both among citizens as well as the church and citizens.  With all the fun in store, Klimis said he hopes the movie night offers a good outlet for the guests.

“Hopefully we give people a family-friendly night, and we hope to build relationships with our community,” he said. “We’re a community church.”

Meeting new faces, and even some old ones is a welcomed occurrence.

“I’m looking forward to people that don’t usually show up to our church to come, and for people connecting that don’t really know each other or see each other that often,” he said. “I’m looking forward to meeting people I don’t normally meet.”

Just like the well in the Bible, Klimis said No Limit will continue to provide that meeting ground for all people.

“We try, at our church, to be really intentional about creating events in places for people that wouldn’t normally hang out to come together,” he said.