Oslund spends time with rescue dogs

Published 10:44 pm Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Natalie Oslund adores dogs. So when her mother told her about the Sky Hill Animal Society, started by her former math tutor Kay Knight, Oslund jumped at the chance to see what it was all about.

“My mom was like, ‘Hey I heard about this great place that Kay Knight opened,’” she said.

Sky Hill was founded by the late Kay Knight on her family’s land as an oasis for dogs needing a home. The organization is now operated by Lynn Sanders.

After that first visit to the property, Oslund said she was hooked, and has been a volunteer for Sky Hill for more than three months now. 

“I went out there and I was like, ‘oh mom I’m gonna come out here every Tuesday night,’” she said.

Oslund practices commands, tricks and plays with the dogs. She even learns their different personalities. Building that bond and relationship with them makes it a bittersweet moment when they find new homes. She said seeing the dogs leave is one of the most rewarding, but bittersweet parts about volunteering with the animals.

“It’s sad to see them go, but it’s so good to know that these dogs are getting a good home,” she said. “Ms. Lynn goes through each person and knows who they are and make sure they can take care of the dog. It’s so good to know people are taking them and they aren’t in a shelter.”

Even though it is hard for Oslund to see the dogs leave, she looks forward to people coming in, and offering a better home to them and adding a new addition to their family.

Oslund is an upcoming junior and cheerleader at Morgan Academy. She is also a lifeguard at InShape Fitness and a member of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church where she is heavily involved in youth activities.