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It’s hot

Summer time is here, and personally, I believed it began well before its official June 21 date on my calendar.

Each day I step out of the office, a wave of heat disrespects my personal space and reminds me that I’m in Alabama and even the clouds can’t protect me from the 90-degree heat.

I went to the Selma High football seven on seven camp, and the first beads of sweat raced down my back before I was 100 feet away from my car.

I watched the young athletes run their routes and compete, but it wasn’t long before I was begging the clouds for some relief and taking a visit to the water tent.

As the summer progresses, the heat will continue to beat down on athletes training in the summer, workers completing jobs outdoors and kids playing outside with their friends.

It’s imperative that anyone who spends time outdoors, whether it be for work or play, take the necessary precautions to avoid overheating, dehydration and sun burn.

Limit your time outside or taken frequent enough breaks to give your bodies a chance to cool off. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Water is best, but your favorite sports drink will suffice to prevent dehydration. Wear sun screen and protective clothing to shield your skin from too much exposure to direct sunlight.

Heat related illness can be prevented with proper self-care and preparation.

Coaches and supervisors should pay close attention to those under their care. Something as simple as periodic water breaks in the shade could prevent injury or mistakes made due to heat exhaustion.

Summer can be a fun time, but it can turn bad quickly if you don’t take care of yourself.

So, grab your favorite hat, a tall bottle of water and enjoy your summer.

Thomas Scott is the sports reporter for The Selma Times-Journal. He can be reached at thomas.scott@selmatimesjournal.com.