AGES Community annual summer program

Published 8:27 pm Saturday, June 23, 2018

AGES Community Development Corporation is currently hosting its Fundamental Summer Program for children ages 4-18, located at Love City Selma (previously known as Helping Hand Bible Ministries Church), Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 1500 Woodrow Avenue East.

Gloria Simmons, one of the members of the Fundamental Summer Program said, “The purpose of our summer program is to provide a safe place for our children in the community to gather and learn academics, some things about spiritual guidance and also skills that they can train in to learn things about character education.”

The program was the vision of Pastor Ralph Edwards Sr. He had the desire to train kids early within their lives and assist them in finding career paths.

“His vision is that if we start early with children, that by the fifth grade or sixth grade they will have an idea of where they want to go and what kind of career path they would like to take.”

Children also participated in hands-on activities .“Last week, the children planted a garden. They were able to plant a plant and nurtured that plant, and at the end of the program, those whose plants are still living will receive door prizes.”

Simmons enjoys being a member of the program and assisting children in learning and finding their future careers.

“I really love it,” Simmons said. “Children are learning to connect not only their academic skills, but also their spiritual skills, too. These are platforms that they will need to guide them through life and to face events in the schools, like bullying for instance, we know that’s a big thing.”