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Selma library unveils magic

As Sensation Summer at the Selma-Dallas County Public Library continues strong, on Thursday, June 21, the library hosted a ‘Super Magic Show.’

Russell Davis, a professional magician, appeared amongst the children and parents who attended the ‘Super Magic Show.

Davis displayed a variety of magic tricks ranging from disappearing card tricks to making rabbits appear from nowhere, all of which mystified the audience or had them bellowing with laughter.

Returning parent, Debbie Tarpley, said that her children really enjoyed the magic show. She, too, also enjoyed Davis’ act. She plans to return Friday, as well as Monday for the Animal Tales with “Reptiles Rock” event.

Racquel Green, another parent, said her children also enjoyed the magic show. She and her children are persistent with their attendance and hopes to come to many more of the library’s activities in the coming days.

“We always come out to the library activities, it gives them [her children] something to do during the summertime,” Green said. “We’d never miss the magic show, juggling show, nor the petting zoo.”

According to Green, her children said their favorite part was the disappearing card act Davis displayed. Though Green feels her children found the performance entertaining, she said she probably enjoyed it more so than them.

Davis said he enjoyed performing for the audience. As an entertainer, seeing his audience happy and engaged is what he strives to achieve.

“Today was a lot of fun,” Davis said. “Every single time I come here there’s a bunch of energetic kids. They’re all well behaved, and they laugh a lot, and that’s all I could ask for.”

According to Davis, his interest in magic began when he was child. He saw a magician on a local T.V. show in Huntsville, his hometown. The magician performed a magic routine that Davis remembers to this day. The routine performed fooled him and he’s been invested ever since.

“Several years later, when I was high school, we had a magic club, and that was when I got really fascinated by magic and started being obsessed with it,” Davis said. “There’s so much creativity in magic, you wouldn’t believe it.”

He became acquainted with Becky Nichols, Selma-Dallas County Public Library director, and the Selma-Dallas County Public Library in 2008, through a library conference that occurs every year. Since then, Nichols has invited Davis to the library to perform for the kids.

According to Nichols, she is happy to have many performers and guests come to library to educate and entertain the children who participate in the library’s activities.