Black Belt Foundation adds new members

Published 11:21 pm Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Black Belt Community Foundation has added three new members to their foundation family. Kimberly Davis, Carolyn Essex and Dexter Jackson have joined the organization, and will all bring their different levels of expertise to their new roles.

Felecia Lucky, president of Black Belt Community Foundation, said the new employees are sure to be beneficial to the organization, and her hope is that the organization is beneficial to them as well.

“We work really hard to determine if it is a good match between us and them,” she said. “We try to make sure this will be a good marriage.”

The Black Belt Community Foundation does community building work, and Lucky said it is hard work and when they chose the new staff members they had those things in mind.

Davis is now the new Arts Program Officer. Davis joins the team with years of human resources and military experience under her belt. She was also Concordia College’s lead data and communications specialist for the last four years up until the school was closed down this past spring.

“Having someone such as Kim Davis, who has to have a lot of energy to travel around the counties, allows us to reach even deeper into the community,” Lucky said.

Essex will serve as the organization’s new office administrator. She has over ten years of office administration experience and is a graduate of Wallace Community College Selma.

“Often times the office administrator is the first contact someone has with the office,” Lucky said. “Having someone with that experience and professionalism serving our community helps us build a stronger community.”

Jackson brings his experience as the former Controller, Vice President for Business and Fiscal Affairs and Chief Operating Officer at Concordia College to his new position as the fiscal officer.

Lucky said because the organization’s work is mainly funded by donations from individuals and businesses, being good stewards over finances and being transparent with funds is essential. She said Jackson brings that to the table.

Lucky is happy to work with all of the new staff members and excited to see what the upcoming year brings.

“Having these three-new people come to the table brings a new energy from where we were, and it’s very timely,” Lucky said.