Coffee Shoppe hosts June’s First Friday event

Published 10:39 pm Friday, June 1, 2018

By Oniska Blevins

The Selma Times-Journal

The Coffee Shoppe was decorated with an array of art Friday as the shop hosted its monthly “First Friday” event. 

Selma native, Frank Hardy was the featured artist this month as he held a book signing for his new book “Rise of the Emancipator”. He also displayed several of his paintings during the event.

“Anytime I have a painting it always has a story behind it,” he said.

From a young age, Hardy knew artistry was special to him, and now recently becoming an author he holds that title dear to his heart as well.

“I’m more of a story teller than a writer,” he said. “My stories come from my natural God-given gift.”

Having a platform to display his work here in his hometown made this event even more special.

Jackie Smith, Coffee Shoppe owner, said she has known Hardy for years, and has always been impressed by his immense talent. She said Hardy’s artwork is different and unique not only in comparison to other artists but to Selma as well.

“I realize that everybody’s different, Frank brings a different type of art,” she said.

“Each picture represents a real person, I like the way he uses the term realism,” Smith said.

Hardy’s wife, Jessica Hardy, said seeing her husband’s artistic journey has been special to her.

“He started many many years ago, and now he has started to put those stories behind those paintings and put them to print,” Jessica said.

She said to be able to display artwork and have a book signing at the Coffee Shoppe allowed them to be able to network and spend time with a longtime friend.

Frank Hardy is available for artshows and book signings.

“Rise of the Emacipator” is available on www. and at