Southside’s JROTC recognizes its cadets during Award Ceremony

Published 10:59 pm Friday, May 18, 2018

By Derrick Thomas
The Selma Times-Journal

On Friday, May 4, Southside gave recognition to its JROTC cadets during its annual award ceremony.

Every year JROTC awards up to 20 to 25 people, and this year also celebrated award recipients.
Various awards were given out to members of Southside’s JROTC. Each award granted had its own different set of criteria.

However, each one required that a member of JROTC must be in the top 20 percent of the class, received no disciplinary actions, and have at least B average.

Members must have also demonstrated good leadership and teamwork skills.

Southside presented awards to 16 cadets.

These recipients include: Kenudrik Peterson, Ceneshia Cleveland, Ralph Tabb, Tamara Minor, Valerie Reubin, Shemar Jackson, Tiara Purifoy, Brianna Murray, Antonio Garror, Alyssa Thicklin, Amari Drane, Alexis Drane, Lizziah Murry, Marquise Smiley, Jer’markiaus Hall, and Denudrik Peterson.

The cadets acquired a variety of different awards from the Air Force Association, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3016, Daughters of the American Revolution, The Tuskegee Airmen, Scottish Rite, and the National Soldiers.

There to present these awards to students were Southside’s principal, Cedric Brown, head of Southside’s JROTC, Stephen Ruiz, Dallas County School Board member, William Minor, and Dallas County Board president Mark Story.

Along with receiving awards, six cadets were also inducted into the First Lieutenant Bruce K. Craig Chapter of the Kitty Hawk Air Society. These Cadets were, Ameri Drane, Ralph Tabb, Deundrik Peterson, Valerie Reubin, Shemar Jackson, Tiara Purifoy and Brianna Murray.

The Kitty Hawk Air Society is an honor society for members of JROTC and serves the purpose of further developing it cadets’ leadership and teamwork skills.

Ruiz states that he is extremely proud of his cadets.

“JROTC is a great program for high school students, not just for those interested in the military. I’m proud of my JROTC. When I see the excellence.”

“I’m excited, proud of them.”

Principal Brown was also very proud of his students for receiving the awards that they did. Stating that he hopes for all of his students to strive for excellence, and that the recipients of the JROTC awards did just that, proving that they have earned their achievements.