Spring vogue

Published 12:46 pm Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Spring is in the air, and in the fashion world, that means lighter clothes and brighter colors.

“The colors are the statement,” said Janice Bolden, manager of Allez-Oup in downtown Selma. “I’ve ordered fun colors [for the store].”

Solid tops with open shoulders and flowy designs are the ticket items this year, keeping the patterns to a minimum and the colors to the max.

“My favorite part of spring fashion is how daring you can be just changing out from pastels to bold colors. You can swap out very easily from day to day,” said Shay Spradley, who models for Allez-Oup. “You can blossom and evolve through fashion.”

Spradley said even though patterns and designs are no longer in style, bold, solid colors can be a good way to create new outfits.

“There’s beauty in simplicity,” she said. “Just a top and some pants and a necklace can even show off the fun side of yourself if you throw on crisp colors.”

For Spradley, spring means the perfect time to wear green.

“My favorite color during the spring is green. Green always pops,” she said.

“Day to day, you can casually wear green to work and have fun with it. Even at weddings, now that it’s wedding season, wearing a mini dress that’s green is really going to stand out.”

Bolden said bright colors are the most popular for spring, like yellow, orange and pink.

For her, spring means more time outside.

“I enjoy the warm weather, being able to get outside, being able to enjoy the flowers,” Bolden said. “The handbags are nice, happy colors as well and they help make the outfits.”

Spradley said the warmer weather allows for dresses without leggings.

“After winter and not being able to wear dresses without leggings or stockings, it’s nice to finally be able to show off your legs,” Spradley said. “You can also bust out your whites now that it’s spring again.”

Bolden said handbags are a great way to add another color to the outfit and stay stylish.

Spradley said the benefit of having the solid color tops is the versatility, and being able to transition them over to the summer with some shorts.

Another benefit of spring is with the warmer weather, some decide to get out heels and sandals.

“Even moving in to summer, you can still move your spring fashion forward and mix and match what you have for the summer with a pair of shorts,” Spradley said.

“Finally we can wear wedges and heels and show off your toes. I’ve painted my toes already; I’ve got bright yellow on them. I’m ready for spring.”