Coalition to hold political forum

Published 7:16 pm Saturday, April 28, 2018

By Adam Dodson | The Selma Times-Journal

The Coalition of Concerned Families (CCF) is putting on a forum open to all members of the public on Monday, April 30 at the Performing Arts Center. The forum is open for the eight candidates that are running for Dallas County Probate Judge and Circuit Clerk for the 4th Judicial Circuit.

The event begins at 5:30 p.m. with the forum for Circuit Clerk. The forum for Probate Judge is scheduled to begin at 6:20. Doors will open for the public at 4:30 and all audience members are expected to show respect for other supporters and candidates.

The six candidates for Dallas County Probate Judge are Robert Green, Jimmy Nunn, Nick Switzer, Henry Moore, Franklin Fortier and Clifford Hunter. The two candidates for Circuit Clerk are Lynnethia Robinson and Christmas Green.

Putting on public forums since the 1990s, the CCF understands the importance of an informed electorate. President of the CCF, Jasmine Pritchett, enjoys putting on what she believes is an important public event.

“Our main mission is to keep people informed with their community representatives,” said Pritchett. “An informed voter is the best voter. We want to give an overview of the offices, and candidates get a lot of publicity.”

Pritchett also emphasized that the event is not a debate, which could turn into a heated competition quickly. Rather, the event is so the public can leave better informed, rather than swayed by heated back-and-forth arguments. Pritchett will serve as the moderator for the forum, taking questions from the audience as well as the questions prepared beforehand. While she says things usually run “smoothly,” she makes it clear she will not put up with any wrongdoing from the audience members or from the candidates.

Along with the audience questions, Pritchett will ask two questions already released to the public. They are: In your opinion, what is the most pressing issue facing Dallas County, and how will you fix it? In your official capacity of Probate Judge or Circuit Clerk, where will you lead Dallas County in the next four to six years? Tell us what to look for at the end of your term.

Candidates and supports are allowed to bring signs and set up campaign tables. For more information about Monday’s forum, reach out to Pritchett at (334) 505-7493.