Thank you to Michael Johnson

Published 8:04 pm Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Every community needs its fair share of leaders that people can look up to. The youth needs inspiration to come from multiple places. This can be a pastor, an artist, a public official and especially an athlete.
With Michael Johnson’s presence in the community, Selma should consider itself fortunate to be blessed with what many communities don’t have: a local athlete that kids can look up to and residents can proudly say is from here.
While on Sundays in the fall he is busy breaking the will of his opponent as a defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals, his offseason is often spent building other people up. This is proven through the work of his camp: Kids and Technology Day at Wallace Community College.
Other athletes usually focus their camps around their sport, which Johnson has done in the past. These camps undoubtedly give children a greater opportunity to succeed in their individual sport, with Johnson throwing his own football camps in the past. However, Johnson’s first-annual Kids and Technology Day gives back to the community through an opportunity to increase their children’s knowledge of various topics in the growing tech field.
Johnson’s commitment to education will directly impact kids’ awareness of subjects such as coding, robotics and the tech space, rather than impact their athletic ability.
Thank you to Johnson for all you do in the Selma community, with education first.