United Way thanks sponsors, volunteers for hard work

Published 9:03 pm Friday, April 6, 2018

Selma and Dallas County United Way held its annual meeting Thursday night at Charlie’s Place, where they thanked the various donors of the organization and recognized the agencies they partner with.

Jeff Cothran, executive director of Selma and Dallas County United, was honored to be able to recognize everyone at the meeting.

“It’s just the sign of a caring community to have all of these organizations, the companies, the individuals and the other nonprofits coming together to support the United Way and better the lives of the people in this community,” Cothran said. “We just have such great support throughout the community.”

They were able to give more than $220,000 in grants to partnering agencies as well as continuing their direct service partnerships with Doc in a Bus and HealthLink.

Doc in a Bus is nearing its 10-year anniversary, and was recently recognized nationally by the Medical Reserve Corps and given the Champions Award. The program was developed to help with medical needs for those that would otherwise go without. HealthLink is a prescription assistance program designed to help the same patients.

Mirian Bearden, president of the Selma and Dallas County United Way, appreciates the people who give to the United Way and she enjoys being able to help others with the donations that they receive.

“It means a lot to me [that so many people donate]. To me, it’s an honor to be able to give back. I think that’s one thing that Jesus wants us to do, to give back to our communities and to people that are in need. I think it’s just my duty to do it,” Bearden said.

“United Way is worthy of our attention and it’s just a good way to help people who are less fortunate than we are.”

International Paper’s Riverdale Mill is one of the largest contributors to the local United Way, and communications manager Arthur McLean said that’s because they know how valuable the organization is to the community.

“The United Way does so much great work in Selma, and it’s important for us at the Riverdale Mill, as members of the International Paper family, to support the communities where our employees live and work,” McLean said. “The United Way here has done a fantastic job of showing themselves to be very responsible with the funds that they’ve been provided over the years. It’s something that I’m personally proud of that our employees are proud supporters of this organizations.”