EDITOR: Eleven-year-old doing his part to make Selma a better, cleaner place to live

Published 2:13 pm Thursday, March 1, 2018

Caleb Smith is stepping up and leading by example in his community despite only being 11-years old. The creator of Selma Recycles, Smith is providing the city with something it has not had in years with an effective way for residents to discard of unwanted plastic items.

Caleb, through the money received from his Disney grant, has used his resources to educate residents, raise awareness and host multiple plastic drop-off dates. This directly impacts the city’s environment and appearance not only by collecting the plastic, but also by taking it out of the city to somewhere that can recycle the material effectively.

While some may view this as only a small fix to a much larger citywide issue, make sure to ask yourself what you have done in your life to combat the issues that you care about.

What have you done that benefits the causes you feel are important? Oftentimes, inspiration comes from people way younger than us. Kids can teach us how to act like grown-ups better than some adults can.

We wish good luck to Caleb and the Smith family. Keep up the good work.