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Cleanup effort continues in Ward 3 with ‘Litter Free’ events

By Oniska Blevins | The Selma Times-Journal

Citizens in Ward 3 are getting started a little early with their spring cleaning.

Miah Jackson, councilwoman for Ward 3, and her team are gearing up for their “Litter Free in Ward 3” event on February 17.

The group will start cleaning at the lot next to the Vaughan-Smitherman Museum and will clean from 9 a.m. until noon.

Jackson said it is important to keep Selma litter free because presentation is an essential part of tourism and attracting new businesses.

“We have tourists, visitors, inventors, business owners and citizens that want to promote cleaning and have the presence of our beautiful city and what we love about it to be seen by everyone,” Jackson said.

Citizens remembering “trash day” is one simple thing that can be done in efforts to keep the city clean, according to Jackson.

“When we’re out picking up trash, we try to educate the citizens and those that pick up with us about the importance of keeping the community clean, as well as making sure that you have garbage receptacles and putting them out on the right day,” Jackson said.

Jackson said even a small effort can show dedication to the community.

“When someone cares about their community, when they’re invested in their community, even the smallest things like picking up a piece of trash says ‘I’m invested here and there are certain things that we won’t tolerate,’” Jackson said.

Jackson said it takes continuous efforts by her and her committee to keep Ward 3 clean, and she said they have no plans to stop anytime soon.

“Often times I’m almost depressed at what I see when I go into the communities and I clean up on Saturday and then I come by Tuesday and it’s right back there,” she said. “At times it’s discouraging, but if I give up then who’s going to take it up?”

A lot of Selma’s rich history took place in Ward 3. and Jackson feels that by keeping it clean they are essentially paying homage to that history and the city.

“We want to ensure that Ward 3 is the premier ward. It’s the downtown historic district. We have so many tourists. We are the essence of Selma, Alabama,” she said. “We’re both beautiful and historic, and we have so much to offer.”

For more information on the Litter Free in Ward 3 initiative, contact Councilwoman Jackson at (334) 327-8755.