LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Disappointed in the council’s decision

Published 9:47 pm Friday, February 9, 2018

Dear Editor,

As usual, we are being represented by a city council that is unprepared to do the job at hand.

I awoke Wednesday to find that our council has reinstated our city treasurer and I cannot believe my eyes.

We have a person that is unable to do the job at hand, is unwanted by her boss, and yet she seems to be untouchable thanks to our beloved city council.

We have two council members that understand business and voted not to reinstate her, and six council members, including our council president, that voted in favor of reinstating her. We have one council member not present.

These actions of our council will have consequences in the long run — lawyer bills, settlements or worse.

They have not done the job at hand. Alabama is an employment at-will state. That means you can terminate an employee at any time for cause. We have cause.

She is not capable of doing the job at hand. Just like most of our city council they are not able to do the job at hand.

We are moving into a new era in Selma with businesses closing and sales taxes not what they used to be.

We have to be business minded as we move forward. No more business as usual.

If you proceed as usual, we will fail. The council should be replaced at a rapid pace before a terminal cancer is allowed to grow.

I feel sometimes as if I am speaking to deaf ears when talking about our council, but it has become a joke, a laughing stock, and an embarrassment to be represented by the majority of this council. We need people that truly care about our great city.

Carl Bowline and Johnny Leashore thank you for doing your job while the rest of our city council is asleep at the wheel.

Tuesday, you voted for the progression of our city. It is about time we had someone fight for the betterment of Selma.

Kory Taylor