EDITORIAL: City leaders discussing annexation of U.S. Highway 80 West corridor

Published 4:17 pm Saturday, February 3, 2018

Tuesday night, city leaders discussed the idea of annexing land in the U.S. Highway 80 West corridor. The area the city is considering was drawn up in a plan put together in 2003.

City Attorney Jimmy Nunn laid out three options for the city to annex the land, and the only viable option is through the legislature.

But that would not be fair. That option would not require any consent from the landowners themselves. City leaders said the annexation was being considered to “grow Selma,” but it appears to be a way to gain additional revenue from the many businesses in the area.

Several business owners are opposed to the annexation. The opinions of every landowner in the proposed area should be considered before anything is done. It would not be fair to annex them into the city limits without their approval. It could hurt the businesses by increasing their taxes more than it would benefit the city.