Dallas County Sheriff’s Dept. arrest reports for period ending Feb. 1:

Published 8:38 pm Friday, February 2, 2018

Richard Mitchell, 28, 449 County Rd. 510,Selma, first-degree marijuana possession, possession of controlled substance, pistol concealed without permit, $36,000 bond, made bond

William Cheatham, 21, 320 Commerce St., Benton, possession of controlled substance, second-degree marijuana possession, $21,000 bond, made bond

Joseph Edward, 29, 2006 West Highland Ave., Selma, failure to register, $15,000 bond, made bond

Frachesca Britton, 28, 130 County Rd. 857, Valley Grande, driving without license, $500 cash bond, in jail

Lucas Willliams, 30, 1943 Marie Foster St., Selma, third-degree domestic violence, $1000 bond, in jail

Jason Buchanan, 36, 820 Lake Mitchell Rd., Clanton, unlawful controlled substance, child support, $15,000 bond, in jail

Tobby Waites, 26, Selma, possession of controlled substance, $15,000 bond, made bond